Quantum Optomechanics

In the UAS Opto-Mechanical Quantum Laboratory that is in formation, research will be carried out on the design and characterization of mechanical devices at the micro/nano metric scale that can present a quantum behavior. These systems are used to carry out fundamental basic science studies and for the development of quantum technologies (ultrasensitive sensors) with applications in metrology and precision measurements. Much of our research is based around mechanical resonators integrated into silicon chips compatible with optical systems. These designs are the basis of study of a wide range of quantum phenomena that include, entanglement, quantum enhanced measurements and quantum opto-mechanics. The robustness and scalability of these systems offer great potential to carry out large scale quantum systems research and weak gravitational effects.


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The Laboratory of Laser Cooling and Opto Quantum Mechanics is a laboratory in the process of construction. Here we will design and characterize macroscopic mechanical resonators that can exhibit a quantum behavior when taken to its base state by laser cooling. Additionally, the coupling of these mechanical resonators in their base state with cold atom systems in optical traps will be studied in collaboration with the Institute of Physics of the UASLP. We are currently finishing the implementation of a vacuum system of 10 ^ -6 Torr for the isolation of the resonators during their characterization and an interferometer with heterodyne/homodine detection for the measurements of the mechanical vibration modes of the resonators and their corresponding factors of mechanical quality.


  • Cold Atoms Laboratory. Institute of Physics of the UASLP. Dr. Eduardo Gómez. 2013-Valid. link
  • Quantum Optics Laboratory, University of Queensland, Australia. Prof. Warwick Bowen. 2015-Valid link
  • UNAM Cold Atoms Laboratory. Institute of Nuclear Sciences. Dr. José I. Jiménez Mier y Terán link and Dr. Fernando Ramírez Martínez. link
  • Uas Laboratory of Opticshttps://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/2010 and Materials of the Faculty of Mathematical Physics . Dr. Cristo Yee. 2018-Valid.
  • UAS Laboratory of Sustainable Management of Coastal Environments of the Faculty of Marine Sciences. Dr. Otoniel Carranza Díaz. 2018-Valid


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