Latinamerican School of Physics

The Latin American School of Physics "Marcos Moshinsky" (ELAF, for its acronym in Spanish) was created by three of the most significant physicists in Latin America: Juan José Giambiagi from Argentina, José Leite Lopes from Brazil and Marcos Moshinsky from Mexico. After its inauguration in 1959 in Mexico City, ELAF moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1960, next to Buenos Aires in 1961, and again to Mexico City in 1962. Since then, this school has taken place every third year in Mexico, becoming one of the most traditional schools of physics in the region. ELAF has counted with the participation of prominent scientists from all over the world presenting in courses and seminars the most recent developments in modern physics, inspiring hundreds of students and young scientists from all over Latin America.

Physics Summer School

The Physics summer school takes place every year in the Physics Instute, UNAM in Mexico City and at the Institute of Physical Sciences, UNAM in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The school is aimed at students who are finishing their undergraduate degrees in Physics or similar subjects. Several short courses are given in this school as well as talks where a general view of current research is presented.

Workshop of the National Lab of Quantum Matter

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