Óptica Cuántica ICN

In our research group we have designed and implemented a variety of non-classical light sources with tailored spatio-temporal properties, in accordance with particular needs. For this purpose, we have explored the use of wide variety of optical devices and techniques including ultrashort (ps and fs) pulses, dispersion engineering, nonlinear waveguides, single- and few-mode specialty fibers (e.g. microstructured and tapered fibers), structured beams, as well as photonic lanterns. Most of our work has been based on spontaneous parametric processes in second- and third-order materials. This includes photon pair generation through the processes of spontaneous parametric downconversion in nonlinear crystals and spontaneous four wave mixing in fibers, as well as photon triplet generation through third-order spontaneous parametric downconversion in fibers. In addition, we have exploited such sources for a variety of applications and situations including random number generation, entangled-photon absorption spectroscopy, quantum optical coherence tomography, as well as testing Einstein Podolsky Rosen elements of reality.

Some of our recent work includes: progress towards practical quantum optical coherence tomography, progress towards photon triplet generation, testing Einstein Podolsky Rosen elements of reality, entangled-photon absorption spectroscopy, and the exploitation and characterization of the spatial degree of freedom of photon pairs.

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