Quantum Sensors

Our group forms the Quantum Sensors Unit of the National Laboratory of Quantum Matter. Our research is in the direction of developing quantum sensors based on atoms that have high sensitivity. We work in particular in the development of accelerometers specialized in the gravitational acceleration, that is, gravimeters. These devices are sensitive to the amount of matter that sorrounds them and therefore have multiple aplications in exploration of underground resources, navigation without GPS, monitoring of seismic activity, hidrologic resources and vulcanology, as well as for basic studies of the gravitational force.

Recent work


The Quantum Sensors Unit has two operational atomic traps. Both are dedicated to gravimetry. They produce samples of laser cooled atoms in free fall which receive aditional pulses to implement an atomic interferometer. This generates excellent sensors that can be used to study the gravitational force. We are in the process of building a portable gravimeter in colaboration with CINVESTAV Querétaro and UNAM.


  • Participation in the FrPNC colaboration for the study of the weak force through high resoluction spectroscopy.
  • Participation in the Grávico collaboration with CINVESTAV Querétaro and UNAM.
  • Laboratory of Physical Biology, Physics Institute, UASLP, with Dr. Jaime Ruíz.


Dr. Eduardo Gómez
Group leader
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Dr. John Alexander Franco Villafañe
CONACyT Lecturer
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